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Project Certification Pre-Launch Starting June 30, 2020

This certification program contains 23 video courses. These videos contain the same information covered in our LIVE, online, 1-hour, instructor-led classes. You will also be able to download the training guide along with any class files that are used in the video course.

We realize that questions may occur while you are watching a video course. You can submit a question and we'll answer you with either a written answer, a video answer, or a phone call.

Certification Details

  • During the PreLaunch, each week, we'll add one to three new videos starting with Series 100.
  • At the end of each series, you'll have a review test requiring a score of 80% or higher before you can continue to the next series.
  • You'll receive a badge each time you complete a series and a final certificate badge when you complete the certification.
  • We'll also mail you a Certificate of Certification.

Once you've completed all the lessons in all six series, you'll have a final test that also requires a passing score of 80% or higher. You will also need to submit a final project that tests your knowledge of the various topics covered in the Project Certification program. You'll need a passing score of 80% or higher on the project as well in order to receive your Virtual Instructor Project Certification.

Click the series titles below to display video course outlines.

Project 101: Project Overview

This overview explores of the capabilities of  Microsoft Project. We'll look at methods of navigating an existing project and you'll receive an overall understanding of the software.

Project 102: Creating a Project Plan

In this session, we'll discuss the methods of creating project plans. We'll create a new, blank project from the beginning. This project includes initial setup, start/finish dates, and project properties.

Project 103: Creating and Modifying Project Calendars

During this hour, you'll learn to create and modify project calendars. We'll discuss the impact that calendars have on the overall project file. We'll also review the topics covered in Project 102: Creating a Project Plan.

Project 104: Working with Tasks

This hour covers creating tasks and the different ways you can edit them. We'll enter durations, milestones, and elapsed duration tasks. We'll also assign tasks to different calendars.

Project 105: Understanding Resources

During this hour, we'll discuss the definition of resource in the project. You'll create resources using the Resource Sheet.

Project 201: Managing Tasks - Part 1

This session illustrates various methods of creating and organizing tasks with Summary tasks and sub-tasks. We'll add tasks to the project Timeline.

Project 202: Managing Tasks - Part 2

During this hour, we'll focus on creating dependencies between tasks in the Gantt Chart View. You'll learn to create and delete dependencies. We'll also explore the Finish-to-Start task type.

Project 203: Managing Tasks - Part 3

In this hour, you'll continue to create task dependencies. We'll explore the different dependency types and the creation of lag and lead time between tasks.

Project 204: Managing Tasks - Part 4

This course explains alternative methods for creating dependency links. You'll learn about creating deadlines, recurring tasks, and constraints.

Project 301: Managing Resources - Part 1

This course reviews the different types of project calendars discussed in Project 103: Creating and Modifying Project Calendars. It then focuses on creating a resource calendar and non-working days for the resource. You'll also learn how to change the resource general availability to the project without changing the resource calendar.

Project 302: Managing Resources - Part 2

This hour we'll explore the various methods of assigning resources to tasks. We'll take a first look at the scheduling calculations that are created when assigning resources. We'll also show several methods of viewing project costs.

Project 303: Managing Resources - Part 3

In this course, we'll discuss the differences between auto and manual schedule mode and the impact of resource assignments using these modes. We'll learn about the three task types of Fixed Units, Fixed Duration, and Fixed Work, and the calculations created based on the task type.

Project 304: Managing Resources - Part 4

In this session, we'll learn about over-allocated resources. We'll explore methods for solving the over-allocation, including the use of the Project Leveling tool.

Project 401: Setting Baseline and Working With Critical Path

Setting a baseline is a crucial element for a successful project. In this class, you'll learn the definition of baseline and critical path. We'll discuss the impact of tracking the difference between baseline and actuals in a project.

Project 402: Tracking the Project

This course centers around the methods used for tracking the project. We'll also discuss the impact of the critical path for a project that is either ahead of or behind schedule.

Project 501: Creating Custom Tables

Project contains many predefined tables to view project data. This class explores methods for customizing these tables by adding and deleting fields from existing tables. You'll also learn how to create new custom tables.

Project 502: Sorting, Filtering, and Grouping Project Data

This class demonstrates the basics of sorting, grouping, and filtering date in views that are row/column format. You'll also learn how to create custom filters. 

Project 503: Project Reports

Project has many standard reports that you can customize to suit your needs. This class explores these existing reports and shows you how to modify them, as well as how to create new ones.

Project 504: Creating Visual Reports

Visual reports provide a way for you to choose what fields, including custom fields, to display in a report while viewing it, and quickly modify how the report is displayed without having to regenerate it. This class focuses on creating reports that enable you to view your project's data in Excel PivotTable reports or Visio PivotDiagram views.

Project 505: Creating a Project Template

As you start building projects, you'll find that there are many items within the project that are repetitive to another project. This course discusses elements you may want to include in a template file, and how to create and access that template.

Project 506: Creating Custom Views

This class discusses many of the existing views in Microsoft Project. You'll learn to modify these views and create new ones from scratch.

Project 601: Create a Master Project

There are times that a project manager is working on multiple projects at once. This class explains the benefits of Master Projects and shows you how to combine several existing projects into one large master project.

Project 602: Importing and Exporting Tips and Tricks

This class shows you how to import existing data into a project file. You'll also learn how to export existing project data into another application such as Excel.

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